Jeff Walters Winning For Saskatoon Meewasin Saskatchewan Liberal Party


Green Transition

Many Saskatchewan residents are unhappy with the current Energy and Economy policies. They care about their children’s future on this planet. We provide common sense solutions. 


Green Transition

Many people in Saskatchewan are looking for a Greener Economy. They want to become someone who is saving the Earth and is helping bring Saskatchewan forward.

Jeff understands wanting to do the right thing and not being able to do so. And he understands that many will fear the unknown because a Green Transition has never been fully implemented. We are playing “catch-up”.

Jeff is doing his best by installing solar panels on his home to reduce his footprint on Earth at the same time the current government took away tax credits, punishing Jeff and his family for doing the right thing.

The Green Transition

      1. Renewable Energy

Recognizing the advantages of our unique provincial landscape, promote solar panels and wind farms

  • implement incentives to reduce emissions through programs like the Feed-In Tariff System
  • partner with the province of Manitoba to create a hydro power grid
  • partner with Indigenous communities, to allow for local sustainable activities to thrive and be part of the solution
  • invest in research and development at Saskatchewan’s universities on clean energy;
  • create economic opportunities for canola producers wishing to enter the canola-based bio-diesel market.



  1. Electrical Car Charging Stations on Saskatchewan Highways

Work with the private sector to provide electrical charging stations for vehicles at intervals of 100 kilometers on all major highways in the province

  1. Develop Nuclear Energy Industry

Pursue development of a nuclear power generation and/or enrichment facility in coordination with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and Nuclear Waste Management Organization

Let’s join Jeff and the Saskatchewan Liberal Party to work towards a healthier environment, not only for us, but for the future generations ahead of us.

Become someone who cares about tomorrow.