Jeff Walters Winning For Saskatoon Meewasin Saskatchewan Liberal Party


Accountable Government

A government is accountable when it allows its citizen to participate in its decision making and also frames or develops laws or policies by which citizens can hold the government responsible. 

Jeff on Accountability

As a Fair and Efficient Government We Will

  1. Modernize Political Donations
  • limit yearly personal/individual donations to a specific amount competitive with other provinces
  • adjust tax deductions for individual donations to cap out at the full donation amount
  • reduce corporate and union donations to half the amount of a personal/individual donation for party and half for constituency associations
  • ban all donations whose source is outside the province (individual, corporate, or union)
  1. Indigenous Partnerships for the Future
  • negotiate strong inter-governmental relationships with Indigenous communities
  • encourage self-governance and independence
  • create working groups to increase inter-governmental efficiency between both parties
  • act on all provincially relevant TRC calls to action
  • open up the North through partnerships, education, and investment
  1. Science and Technology Policy
  • create a Minister of Science and Technology and a Science Secretariat to support the Minister and his/her office. The addition of Minister of Science to a cabinet need not be expensive as it would require only a small support staff. Members of a ten-member Science Secretariat would serve on a volunteer basis requiring only per-meeting honoraria.
  1. Government and Political Reform
  • institute a Fair Advertising in Government Act to prevent the misuse of public funds for propaganda purposes
  • ensure the full disclosure of MLA budgets to allow for greater scrutiny of office and legislative expenditures
  • give more power to the Provincial Auditor and increase their respective budget
  • ensure all constituencies have approximately the same number of people and their grouping is a fair reflection of the communities that reside there
  • look to reducing the overall number of constituencies to make them more commensurate with the actual population size of the province